Taco Cabana – Build your own Bowl

Interactive elements on websites benefit both users and clients: they engage customers, while giving clients information about consumer preferences. When Alarcon Designs came up with “Build-Your-Own” Cabana Bowl for the Taco Cabana site, it went beyond a fun visual promo. The Cabana Bowls — graphically depicted along with an impressive array of filling and topping choices for a personalized meal — provide continuous data through the choices customers make: crispy or no shell; refried or black beans, rice or salad, beef or chicken, taco or fajita meat. Even the popularity of each topping — guacamole, cheese, sour cream, or pico de gallo — can be measured. The resulting data, which can be broken down by region, provides the client with the ability to track user behavior, trends, and coupon success — and even predict which toppings to stock up on. Taco Cabana can even try out new ingredients virtually before actually offering them in their restaurants.