Brand architect plugged into global village

San Antonio Business Journal – by Andi Rodriguez 

Marco Alarcon describes himself as a “brand architect.” While it may simply seem a clever positioning statement, it’s actually a core value of Alarcon Design, a graphic and Web design firm he founded in San Antonio. A former architectural draftsman, Alarcon thinks like an architect when approaching interactive design. 

”When I work with a client on a Web site, we begin with its intended use and the ultimate goals in order to create its blueprint,” says Alarcon, creative director and owner. We need to figure out what fits where and why … and how its footprint interfaces with the real estate of the site.”

Skills that span across both platforms (offline and online) and his focus on brand emphasis are what make him different, he says.

”A brand is a living, breathing thing,” he says. “You create a brand, an image, to connect with people, and then it begins to take on a life of its own. Incorporating a brand into the Web is a primary way consumers begin to emotionally connect. It offers an array of arenas that we can venture into, whether it’s a microsite, mobile, gaming, kiosk, demos, video, the list is almost endless. The Web allows users to really play with the brand and that’s where the connection begins,” he adds.

Melding technology and marketing savvy, Alarcon has made his quest for better branding into an 18-year success story. Recently, he opened up shop in Atlanta, so his wife could pursue her dream corporate position. But he continues to fly back to San Antonio and across the country frequently to service accounts, such as Taco Cabana, who has been an Alarcon Design client for 10 years. 

“Technology makes it easy to do my job anywhere,” he says. “I’ve kept all of my San Antonio clients, and have added new ones … in Atlanta, New York, Chicago and Miami.”

Alarcon’s home base has two full-time employees, but he assembles teams as projects necessitate. 

”It allows me to have the best possible people on each job and keep my overhead low. It’s good business, for both myself and my clients,” he says. While he misses San Antonio, Alarcon says the exposure to Atlanta has been invaluable. 

“Living in an international corporate hub offers amazing resources,” he says. “Research, ways of increasing sales, applied technology, it all makes for being more effective. And the best part, is I’m able to bring this back home to San Antonio and share it.”