Emory University – Office of Technology Transfer

Emory’s Office of Technology Transfer, a division of Emory University, acts as the liaison between investors and academic researchers who are bringing inventions and innovations to market. Alarcón Design has served as the creative arm of the OTT, branding its pipeline, broadcasting its success stories, updating its website and designing graphics for printed materials. In promoting the OTT brand, Alarcón employs both digital and traditional platforms. The calendar and postcards are sent to current and potential investors, CEOs, venture capitalists, and entrepreneurs. Posters are used to showcase successes for visitors to the OTT offices (displayed on a “Wall of Fame”) and at conferences. We also created a DVD to be handed out at trade shows. We built a CMS that allows staff members to upload images themselves with software already running on their server. The updated website proved sticky enough to keep viewers around longer than the average few seconds. “I was most proud of the way the site displayed all the scientists on one page, so the user could get from one success story to another with one click. It’s very user friendly,” says Marco Alarcón, agency founder. “Compiling all of the innovations — which ranged from cardiac diagnostic software to HIV/AIDS medications — into a common theme was challenging, but I think it worked out well.”